Bibilov on S. Ossetians in War Against Ukraine

Kremlin-backed South Ossetian leader Anatoly Bibilov has confirmed rumors that Russia’s 4th military base units were sent from the occupied region to Ukraine.

“I am not the one who gave the order to the 4th military base, because it is the Russian army, but when our friend is under the gun… we will stand side by side and fight shoulder to shoulder,” Bibilov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Bibilov defended the participation of S. Ossetians in the war against Ukraine, claiming “there is no other way and no other solution for an Ossete man!”

“I’m told our guys are being sent to their deaths. No! No! – they are being poised for victory!” the Kremlin-backed leader noted.

Reacting to a picture that depicted Ukraine-bound S. Ossetians with “death better than shame” written on Ossetian tricolor, Bibilov noted:

“It was, is and will be in our blood. Otherwise there is nothing to boast of Alan blood, the blood of the Scythians. The Alans did not sit in the bushes!”

Modern Ossetians are said to be descendants of Alans, ancient nomadic people who occupied the steppe region northeast of the Black Sea.

The Tskhinvali leader then continued to lambast “internal enemies.” “The only thing more frightening than the external enemy is the internal one. Those who undermine the situation with Georgia are the enemy! Those who instill in us doubts about Russia’s actions – they are enemies!”

Reports emerged on March 16 that units of Russia’s 4th military base in occupied Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia, including local S. Ossetian contractors, had departed to join the war against Ukraine.

As per the military deal with Moscow, signed in 2017, parts of the Tskhinvali forces are joined with Russia’s 4th military base in the region, while the number of its remaining forces is agreed with the Kremlin.

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