World Bank Approves USD 509 Mln Programs for Georgia

The World Bank approved today a USD 400 million Human Capital Program and a USD 109 million Kakheti Connectivity Improvement Project for Georgia.

In a statement, the bank said the USD 400 million in financing would be its largest cross-sectoral investment to Georgia over the 30 years of partnership.

The Human Capital Program aims to help provide Georgian citizens with “fair and equal access to high-quality education, better targeted social benefits, and strong preventive healthcare with lowered cost of treatments and medicine,” the multilateral bank said.

The World Bank argued the program will promote the inclusion of vulnerable groups in health, social and employment services, including by improving social assistance coverage of poor households with children and better preparing and connecting the unemployed to job opportunities.

The financing will also help Georgian Government to reform health service purchasing and pricing, improve efficiency of the pharmaceutical market, bolster primary health and hospital care in the country, according to the statement.

The program also aims to assist “fundamental reform of the financing and organization of the education system,” to improve the skills and competencies of Georgia’s youth.

The USD 109 million project will meanwhile help connect Georgia’s easternmost Kakheti region with Tbilisi, the capital and the country’s highway network, the World Bank said.

The bank will finance the construction of a 17-km four-lane, access-controlled highway section between the town of Sagarejo and the village of Badiauri, part of the Tbilisi-Bakurtsikhe-Lagodekhi highway corridor.

The World Bank said the Government of Georgia will on its part build the lanes on the section of the highway from Tbilisi, the capital, to the Sagarejo Municipality, while the remaining corridor from village Badiauri through Lagodekhi Municipality shall be planned in the future.

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