Georgian President Meets EU’s Michel

On June 9, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili met with European Council President Charles Michel in Brussels.

No press releases or readouts about the meeting were immediately available from either sides.

The meeting coincides with the European Parliament’s passing of a critical resolution on “Violations of media freedom and safety of journalists in Georgia,” that fell just short of calling for EU candidate status for Georgia.

It rather expressed its belief that “the legitimate aspirations of the people of Georgia deserve to be fulfilled and therefore call[ed] for the EU institutions to work towards granting EU candidate status to Georgia.”

The meeting, and the key resolution came as Georgia, as well as Moldova and Ukraine, are expected to receive the European Commission’s opinion on their candidate status later in June, followed by the decision of Member States later in the month.

Also today, President Zurabishvili made address at the Women in Conflicts debate, co-hosted by President Charles Michel, and attended by Ukrainian First Lady, Olena Zelenska, among others.

“What Ukraine is demonstrating these days is that women have ceased to be victims. They have taken their role, resilient, fully participating in what has been one of the extraordinary demonstrations of complete unity of the society,” the Georgian President noted at the event.

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