The “Democrats” Want Preliminary Parliamentary Elections

(Tbilisi, July 4, Civil Georgia) – Chairman of the of the Parliamentary faction the Democrats (former Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania is the leader of the faction) Giorgi Baramidze stated at the news briefing on July 3 that the discussion of the budgetary fulfillment proved that “the Parliament is inept.”

The majority of the MPs rejected drafts of the statement criticizing State Minister and the government for the budgetary shortfall in the first quarter of 2002. Reformers’ factions blame the State Minister and the government for the shortfall that consisted up to 38 million Lari (approximately USD 18 million).

“The Parliament refused to express its will and Constitutional right to control financial and budgetary policy of the country,” Giorgi Baramidze said. He said that it would be much better if the new Parliament will be elected in the nearest future.

Giorgi Baramidze stated that the New Rights, Socialists, Industrialists and the Revival factions, which call themselves an opposition, are the State Minister’s and President Shevardnadze allies. 

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